The Heart of MKG Creative Agency Beats in New York City

Maddy McArn’s grey peacoat presses neatly against her colorful stripped business pants, making her fit the mold of a creative professional effortlessly. She quickly responds to work-related phone calls with her iPhone 11 as she sits in front of a laptop with twelve different tabs spilling into numerous spreadsheets and research. The hustle and bustle of Penn Station does not seem to faze her focus of the call one bit.

If one were to greet Maddy at a bar and ask what her profession was, she might typically respond with a quick summary of, “I work in events.”

For two years as of March 2020, Maddy has worked as an associate producer for MKG, a marketing creative agency headquartered out of New York City. Diving deeper into the world of creative agencies, it is far more than just that one liner explanation.

“Think of my job as someone who is in advertising but instead of my method of advertising being like a brand purchasing a billboard or purchasing an ad in a magazine, my job is to use an event as a method of advertising” McArn explains.

“The company looking to advertise is instead paying MKG to put money toward an event which will achieve the same effect but by spending money on an event, they can connect with their consumer through a physical touch point.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this industry of work will grow 8% from 2018-2028 which is faster than average and it is clear to see why once McArn unravels the details of her role at the company.

Some of MKG’s clients include Delta, Motorola, Google and Fila.

When asked about examples of events MKG puts on, McArn had no shortage of successful examples. One of which includes an interactive instillation entitled “Social Soul” created for Delta Airlines.

“Once we have won a client, I get assigned to produce the event so basically I’m telling them, “Okay you’ve given us this much money for your vision, now I’m going to make a timeline for us so now we can know when you’re going to see this come to life” McArn says.

She goes on to explain it is her job to handle every logistical responsibility and think of every possible question that could be asked and see it through until the event is completed.

“So, I’m not the one actually designing or measuring out the spaces, but more so overseeing the teams and making sure everything is executed on time. I’m making sure the designers understand the client’s needs and vice versa.”

Within the timeline of a project, Maddy is accounting for every dollar that will be spent, finalizing project details, and keeping all parties in check with timing.

Budgets for brand events can range from $100,000 to $400,000 on a case by case basis.

“The way to have it not be overwhelming is you have key buckets. What is falling on my plate? What is MKG managing? Are we managing the venue or does our client already have that? Are we wrangling talent for a certain event? Or does the client already have a relationship there?” McArn explains. From there it makes it easier for her to assess quotes and lock in prices.

When it comes to Maddy’s job, she outlines why it’s no surprise it has brought her to the heart of NYC.

“This role is primarily in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. Metropolitan areas. The need for someone that does is primarily here because it is here that has big corporations. There is money to be spent in these cities.”

A twinkle in Maddy’s eye could be seen when diving into the thrill behind NYC.

“New York City has enough of a cultural hub to bring many things to life. Whatever you need, it’s got it!” she exclaims. There is no shortage of what the big city can provide whether it’s venues, a certain cuisine or vibe and Maddy McArn is well fit to bring any vision to life.

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