The Future of our world after COVID-19: Time travel, the end of the world, dream machines and more

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In 2014, Apple unveiled the very first Apple Watch. A device that was once only a figment of the imagination and featured in comic books like “Dick Tracy” in the 1940s.

80-year-old Ricardo Rodriguez imagined such a device in his wildest dreams when he was a kid growing up in the 40s.

“Dick Tracy was a detective fighting off bad guys and he had the capability to take calls on his radio wristwatch.  I never imagined that these gadgets would actually be real,” laughs Rodriquez.

Within 50-70 years past the creation of comics like Dick Tracy or TV shows like Star Trek, many of the technology or concepts shown have come to fruition.

“I’ve been shocked with the things I see now that then seemed so futuristic. You would see things like flat screen TV’s, cell phones and more in Star Trek and now look. No one even bats an eye because that is technology that has become so normal and there is still more to come,” Rodriguez explains.

A photo of Ricardo Rodriguez after a coffee run.

When it comes to predictions for the future, time travel is at the top of Rodriguez’s list. You can hear the fascination in his voice as he recounts specific episodes from Star Trek in which characters like Spock and Captain Kirk traverse through different periods of time.

But the question is, just when would time-travel be possible?

“I would say in at least 50 years, it could even be sooner than I am predicting but I won’t be around to see it. Einstein, one of the greatest, spoke about it being possible,” Rodriguez says.

Other topics Rodriguez touches on when it comes to the future of planet earth include cloning humans, space exploration and artificial intelligence.

In a world filled with so much devastation amid COVID-19 news, Rodriguez is an interesting reminder that there are so many possibilities in our future to wrap our minds around.

When asked to pick one thing he would invent for the future of planet earth in the next 100 years, Rodriguez is quick to come up with his answer.

“It’s simple. My mind goes back to what’s going on with earth now and I would create a magical cure for ailments. I’d cure cancer and other ailments immediately. This is something that will be possible but again, it’s just going to come past my lifetime.”

Full Disclosure: This article is about a relative, My grandfather. Thanks to him for being open to featuring in my podcast episode!

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