Here’s how to look like you’re at the GRAMMYs during Quarantine

Cole Walliser is the mastermind and director behind the popular glambot seen at popular award shows like the GRAMMYs.

A glambot is a high-speed camera that captures flawless slow-motion footage at one-thousand frames per second. Hollywood’s most popular celebrities can be seen posting footage from their glambot experience all over the internet.

“When I saw it, I really wanted to recreate my own! The slow-motion footage of beautiful celebrities is so fun to watch. You can do endless poses,” says 13-year-old Danica Hance.

13-year-old Danica Hance flashes a smile with her DIY Glambot in hand. Photo by: Devin Hance.

And that is exactly what eight grader Danica Hance set out to do.

“We are in month two of quarantine, so why not try to figure out how to create my own version for free,” Hance explains.

With a pointe shoe from her dance studio in hand and a long elastic stretching band, Danica began brainstorming how to put this DIY project together. It didn’t take long until she stumbled upon the perfect place to test out her experiment: The attic door.

Danica Hance uses her attic handle to hang her glambot to the ceiling. Photo by: Devin Hance.

“It was a perfect place because I knew I wanted to have this contraption hanging from the ceiling somehow. Plus, this hallway the attic is in has a very red-carpet type of vibe. Long and narrow, all we need is a real red carpet,” she exclaims.

Danica Hance shows off the technology powering her glambot, her iPhone X. Photo by: Devin Hance.

Danica’s camera of choice in this venture was her iPhone X, which only shoots two-hundred and forty frames per second vs. the glambot’s one thousand, but the outcome was just as fun as any teenager would hope for.

“I definitely have plenty of bloopers to laugh at but why not create this? It will give anyone a good laugh and fun DIY thing to create around the house,” Hance says.

She is sure to warn others however that testing out this DIY project could result in some cracked screens if you’re not careful.

“I’m glad I have an Otter Box case, otherwise, my phone would most likely have some damage from some failed attempts,” she explains.

If you have some free time with the family or some friends, a glambot isn’t a bad way to share some laughs all while wearing your favorite outfits.

Disclosure: Special thanks to my sister, Danica Hance, for being open to letting me cover her for this DIY story.

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