Navigating the Universe While Misunderstood: A tale of a NYC-artist

“As an empath, I can feel the pulse of the world,” says Irrix, NYC based artist and designer.

2020 has been full of controversy, pain and the unexpected. For Irrix, he expresses the pains of the world and himself through his art but often times he is misunderstood.

“People look at my art and they may be turned off by it for whatever reason or feel fear but when you break that down and try to get deeper, it is often linked to their own judgement of the world,” Irrix explains. “When you walk past my artwork, it’s not comfort food.”

If one were to ask Irrix what kind of art he makes, he would say he doesn’t have a style but others have come to label his work as “Irrixism.”

“I have a technique. I have a signature.”

“I’ve never been one to follow rules or protocols,” states Irrix.

And that is exactly why his art is so attractive and eye-catching.

Shirt designed by Irrix.

Irrix explains his pieces are meant to display the pain that people feel.

“I truly believe that these pieces already have a home. I just am bringing to life this art that has a home. You purchased one of my shirts because it resonated with you. It touched you in a way that you feel expressed you.”

So who is Irrix? AKA D.U.O.

When asked, he is quick to answer.

“I am my father’s son.”

Irrix and his father. Photo courtesy of Irrix.

“I had to make the point to be a best friend to myself. I’ve always been me,” he explains.

When asked about his identity and inspiration behind being an artist, Irrix answers taps into a deeper explanation.

“I’m not in charge of what comes out. It sounds like witchcraft but there are no mistakes in art. No matter what you do, if you’re not doing what you were born to do, it’s not worth it,” he says.

Staying true to yourself isn’t always easy.

“It’s like pricing a painting, sometimes it can be hard to do that, but you have to know your self-worth and not let anyone who misunderstands you get in the way,” Irrix explains.

Irrix will easily confirm that we all have a dark side within us.

“I take my uncomfortable moments and I go out to lunch with myself. I ask myself why are we here today? What is it going to take for you to be comfortable inside?”

Photo Courtesy of Irrix.

When asked about how COVID-19 has impacted his way of making a living, Irrix smiles.

“If you are trying to sell art for the purpose of money only, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons,” he says.

His top three messages for any aspiring or current artists of the world during such a chaotic year?

“The first is to embrace the dark side of you. That is where the real art comes from,” he says.

“Never forget to give back and third, don’t ever draw in your life. Instead, create. If you’re drawing something someone tells you, that is not art. Create what comes naturally to you.”

Irrix above all else likes to enforce to his followers not to compromise. Being misunderstood is not enough to stop doing what you love.

“If it feels right. It’s your art. Period.”

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