‘Mountain Life Yoga’ aims to bring peace amid pandemic chaos

Even upon entering Phase 4 in New York, there has been no guidance for when gyms can reopen.

 Dance studios, cycling, yoga, and indoor recreational sports are all on the list of activities and establishments that have yet to open or have had to follow very specific social distancing procedures. This leaves thousands of folks without their usual physical fitness routine.

During these times of uncertainty, there are a number of online video services, YouTube fitness channels or Zoom meetings that offer an alternative to in-person meet ups.

Rachel Leyden, owner of Mountain Life Yoga, is setting out to offer her services to whoever may need or want them.

Photo of Rachel Leyden in mermaid post. Photo Courtesy: Rachel Leyden.

“The goal of Mountain Life Yoga is to spread positivity through yoga. I want to offer classes that work on not only the physical stuff but mental health as well,” says Leyden.

The main goal overall? For people to feel energized

“I want people to feel safe and welcomed in my class. I recommend yoga to all ages, but I especially cater to adults age 50 and up. Mental health is important, especially amid a pandemic,” Leyden explains.

Leyden was 48 years old when she started teaching herself yoga. She is a self-taught instructor who is currently getting her yoga teacher training and has developed a huge following through her Instagram, where she hosts challenges and spreads positivity for her 19,000 followers.

Rachel Leyden’s Instagram account.

Rachel Leyden plans to offer 20-minute sessions on a personal YouTube channel by September 2020. These sessions will focus on chakras, stress management, and self-love.

Here is Leyden’s sample session that happens to focus on the root chakra. She suggests people try first thing in the morning to wake up the body and start the day off right:

After taking this class myself, I felt energized and at peace. It is clear that Leyden is in it because yoga is her passion. She has no monetary goals. Classes will be offered free of charge and she invites anyone who follows or watches her to engage with her via social media.

“Yoga has changed my life for the better. It is such an uplifting community and I want anyone who is open to have a chance to experience this too,” Rachel says.

Courtesy: Rachel Leyden

You can follow Rachel on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/mountain_mama_yoga/

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