How I whiten my teeth for $3 or less

The coronavirus pandemic has given my sisters and I tons of opportunities (or challenges depending how you look at it) on figuring out our own DIY beauty hacks and routines. This has included waxing our eyebrows, pedicures, and most recently: a home remedy for teeth whitening.

Some of our feats have been successful. I do a darn good job waxing my own eyebrows if I may brag. Others, not so much (I do not recommend gluing on eyelashes for fun if you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing). Overall, I realized how much money I can truly save by doing most self-care tasks myself.

One day, my younger sister Casey observed her smile in her bedroom mirror.

“I’d like to get my teeth whitened sometime. How do you get yours so white?”, she said.

It is a compliment I have often received but the truth is, I never spent big bucks on whitening my teeth. It isn’t a cheap ordeal if you go the in-office route.

The average cost for professional in-office teeth whitening treatment in New York City ranges between $99 to $999.

Many celebrities flaunt a desirable smile that is either veneers or created after expensive procedures but for about $3 and some consistency, a white smile can be achieved without breaking the bank.

Baking soda. That is my big, affordable secret.

Well, that and, consistency brushing my teeth 2-3 times a day of course. 

I usually grab and Crest toothpaste that includes a “whitening” feature in its description along with a matching whitening Listerine, and that has done me justice for years.

I have gone through 4-6 years of braces and Invisalign to achieve the straightness I wanted, but whiteness has truly never been a struggle of mine. So thank the baking soda or just my consistency with my oral hygiene, but if it works for me it can work for you too.

What you’ll need:

1 TBS ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda

1 TBS Water or Hydrogen Pxroxide

Mix these equal parts together to create a paste, brush gently in circular motions on all your teeth for about two minutes, and Bam! One step closer to white teeth.

According to an Arm & Hammer blog, the company states that baking soda is good for teeth whitening because it is a very mild abrasive, which helps remove stains from the surface of your teeth. In addition, baking soda is alkaline and salty, which helps lighten acid-based food stains – such as those from coffee, tea, and red wine – on teeth.

So try out!

You can read more here:,or%20a%20soft%2Dbristled%20toothbrush.

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